We provide consultation for parents who are striving to figure out how to help their child. Together we will collect information and develop a plan.

  • • Would it be helpful to observe the child at school?
  • • Would it be important to get further information from testing?
  • • Does the child or adolescent need therapy?
  • • Would couples therapy be beneficial?
  • • Would a family therapy approach help?
  • • Would it be helpful to try new parenting techniques?


We provide consultation to individuals who are trying to figure out what their needs are or who are seeking professional advice on a specific issue.

  • • Would therapy be helpful? If so, what approach might be most beneficial? Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches and thoughtfully individualize therapy to meet the needs of each client. We work with all ages and developmental levels.
  • • Are learning or attention issues interfering with performance and progress toward goals? We will work together to answer these questions, explore the options and develop a plan.


We provide consultation to schools to help formulate an integrated plan that would be effective for the student.

  • • Would a school observation be helpful and informative?
  • • Is conducting an assessment (testing) an important step to gain a comprehensive view of the child?
  • • In what way can teachers be helpful in implementing the plan? We are available to meet with teachers to review testing we have done on a particular child or to discuss emotional issues seen in therapy. We collaborate with school staff to address problems in the classroom and find ways to help the child learn and be successful in school.
  • • We offer training and consultation for teachers and administration.

"We advise parents about what school might be the best fit for their child. In addition we are available to provide workshops or lead discussions with parents or teachers."