Admissions Testing

Our warm and experienced clinicians provide individually administered admissions testing for children applying to independent schools. This brief evaluation is available for children who are required to take an individually administered test as part of the application process at many independent schools in the Washington area. All of our examiners are partners or associates at Wake Kendall and are experienced psychologists or educational diagnosticians who appreciate young children and enjoy working with them. Please note: Wake Kendall does not administer the SSAT or ISEE.


To schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to Kathy Nitz. Or you can call 202-686-7699, ext 24. Weekday and weekend appointments are available. It is recommended that children, especially under the age of six, be tested in the morning. Please note that an admissions test can be administered only once in a year and that no practice or preparation is allowed for it. If you have further questions, please call 202-686-7699, extension 24.


  • Age 3

  • Age 4-5

  • Age 6 and Above