We offer:

We use a broad range of cognitive and neuropsychological tests to evaluate abilities important to learning and daily functioning across the age span. These include: higher reasoning, language skills, auditory and visual processing, visual-motor skill, memory, attention and executive functioning.

Our psychologists and diagnosticians have experience consulting in schools. We use formal and informal achievement testing in combination with cognitive and neuropsychological assessment to clarify the nature of problems with learning.

Our psychologists use interviews, questionnaires and projective techniques to better understand a client’s emotional functioning and personality when there are concerns about social-emotional factors.

We work with parents and preschool teachers to design evaluations to answer questions about social-emotional, cognitive and neuropsychological development in young children.

Our testing process can include:

We obtain background information about the client’s medical and developmental history and current strengths, needs and concerns.

With the parents or client’s permission, we gather information from school records and from current teachers through phone consultation and questionnaires. Classroom observations sometimes are helpful in this process. We follow up with school staff as needed.

Each evaluation consists of several sessions of one-to-one testing, arranged to obtain optimal performance.

When the testing is completed, we meet with parents and/or the client to discuss results and recommendations.

Our detailed written reports include assessment results, analysis and recommendations to help the individual understand and utilize strengths, compensate for weaknesses and realize potential. We strive to capture the unique profile and needs of each client.

Payment for Services

We are not within-network for any managed care companies, and we are not Medicare providers. If you choose to pursue reimbursement for out-of-network providers, please keep in mind that any reimbursement should be directed to you, as we do not accept checks from insurance companies.