Unified Protocol

 Unified Protocol (UP) for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders.

The Unified Protocol is an evidence-based treatment that has shown promising results across a range of populations and diagnoses. In contrast to therapies that are designed for one specific disorder, a transdiagnostic approach pulls together what each of these treatments share, which is usually a focus on helping people better understand their emotional experience, how it informs what they do, and to practice doing something different. The Unified Protocol includes modules that focus on the three components of an emotion (i.e. thoughts, physical sensations, and actions), mindfulness practice, problem solving, and exposure therapy. Whether someone is struggling with anxiety, depression, or more generalized negativity and rigidity, the overarching goal of this treatment is to help individuals learn new ways of responding to uncomfortable feelings, which in turn will help reduce symptoms across a range of problems.

Wake Kendall will be implementing three new groups, to begin in February 2019, utilizing the UP:

      • “UP: Becoming an Emotion Detective” – How to Manage Big Feelings: A skills group for elementary school-age children
      • “UP: Embracing Emotional Freedom” – A weekly teen skills group with monthly parent sessions
      • “The Mindful Emotion (ME) Group” – A therapy group for adults